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stormwaterDid you know that a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) inventory found that half of the impaired waterways in the country are directly linked to stormwater runoff from urban / suburban areas and construction site activities? Consider for a moment the impacts that pollutants generated from everyday life could have on our local water resources. Toxic chemicals from automobiles can lead to an increase in heavy metals and oils and greases, careless application of fertilizers can contributed to algal blooms severely degrading healthy aquatic environments, improper disposal of yard or pet wastes could make nearby water bodies unsuitable for wading, swimming or fishing, and poorly managed construction sites have been blamed for erosion and sediment migration, property damage, and destruction of local habitat.

To address these local concerns, federal stormwater regulations commonly known as "Stormwater Phase II", required municipalities like the Town of Lansing to develop a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) management program.

Visit the links to the side for  the Town of Lansing’s  Stormwater Local Law, NYS Design Manuel, different forms, etc.

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